Teeth Whitening


We now have two types of at-home whitening products to improve the look of your smile! 

Keep in mind fillings, crowns, and veneers will not whiten. 

Opalescence Go! is the convenient way to whiten at home! Each kit comes with a set of one upper and one lower disposable tray that has a wear time of 30 – 60 minutes! For best results, we recommend you use them consecutively for 4 days. Choose between a 4-pack for $30 or 10-pack for $75.

POLA Light Advanced Tooth Whitening System is easy to use at home and only takes about 20 minutes each day! For best results, we recommend using consecutively for 5 days. Each kit includes one Pola LED mouthpiece, one USB charger, one Pola Luminate travel tube, and three Pola Day syringes for $120. Refill syringes are available for $12 per syringe. 

Either of these whitening products would be an excellent choice to brighten your smile!